Dear Community,

We are very proud to make a new announcement today. Keystore .lnc, an enterprise-level digital asset service provider, officially joined the CPChain Industry Node Program. It is also the second industry node for the program. After months' talk with the company, we are confident that Keystore can fully support the development of CPChain ecosystem and provide enterprise-level encryption asset solutions to assist our future Industrial landing. 

Keystore is an enterprise-level digital asset service provider, whose business covers a wide range of areas in terms of payment security, finance management, auditing, asset management, node management and so on.  Keystore has strong professionalism in enterprise-level digital asset protection and encrypted data rundown. 

In the field of node service, Keystore provides the authorization mechanism based on HSM, which can maximize the protection of network security under POS and DPOS system. Worldwide distribution of servers can meet the requirement for any globalized project. Keystore is now under the node program of Cosmos, PlatON, Wanchain, Ontlogy, Vechain, IRISNet, Qtum, ChainX, GXchain and so on. And from today on, he will be an industry node of CPChain.  

In the future, Keystore will deepen the cooperation with CPChain in fields of security custody, on-chain financial security, marketing and so on. It will assist the foundation to improve the CPChain network stability and reputation. From CPChain end, the team will also provide resources to help Keystore develop the business.  Both parties will collaborate to accelerate the adoption of blockchain technology in related industries. 

CPChain, towards the trusted future. 

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